Infinitivo gerundio ingles pdf

Como usar verbos en gerundios e infinitivos en ingles youtube. Nesta dicas voce aprendera os principais usos do gerundio no ingles. Infinitive past past participle gerund meaning 68 leap leapt leapt leaping saltar 69 learn 4 learnt learnt learning aprender 70 leave 1 left left leaving dejar, abandonar 71 lend lent lent lending prestar 72 let 2 let let letting permitir, dejar 73 lie 5 lay lain echarse, tumbarse 74 light 4 lit lit lighting encender 75 lose 1 lost lost losing perder 76 make 1 made made making. Verbs followed by infinitive with or without to or gerund advise. Por ejemplo, cuando decimos i love cooking, lo traducimos como me encanta cocinar. Antonio donizeti promilitares afaefommen modulo 10 6 uso do infinitivo sem o to a apos as formas auxiliares will, shall, would, dodoesdid, can could, may might, must should.

Ought to, have to, be going to, would rather e had better. Antonio donizeti promilitares afaefommen modulo 10 3 gerundio infinitivo forma. O infinitivo e a forma basica do verbo, nao conjugado em nenhum outro tempo verbal. Ejercicios gerundio infinitivo ingles con soluciones pdf. Lesson 5 infinitivo gerundio presente simple presente.

As we saw in the verbs lesson, the infinitive is formed using the preposition to to walk, to eat, etc. The gerund is formed using the ending ing walking, eating, etc. Infinitive gerund to read leer read ing leyendo to write escribir writing escribiendo. She is very keen on travel and had been abroad for some time. Pois, em ingles a coisa nem sempre e tao simples como no portugues. Gerundios e infinitivos en ingles ejercicios ingles online. Em ingles, o infinitivo nao e marcado por um final no verbo como e em portugues. You must keep on studying english this afternoon debes seguir estudiando ingles esta tarde. Infinitive past past participle gerund meaning 101 shine 1 4 shone shone shining lucir, brillar 102 shoot shot shot shooting disparar, tirar 103 show showed shown showing ensenar, mostrar 104 shrink shrank shrunk shrinking estrechar, escogerse 105 shut 2 shut shut shutting cerrar 106 sing sang sung singing cantar. The gerund and the infinitive are forms of verbs that act as nouns.

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