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Broomstick crochet pattern book free crochet patterns. This is where i wrote my very first patterns and opened my first website in 1998. May 23, 2019 a free broomstick lace crochet pattern for a beaded valance this crochet pattern requires knowledge of the broomstick lace and the beaded loop stitch blakely venzeio larkspur said. See more ideas about crochet patterns, crochet, broomstick lace.

If you are tired of the same old boring crochet stitches, this book is for you. Ultimate beginners guide to broomstick lace crochet. Broomstick lace scarf free crochet pattern craft passion. The pattern might make even more sense if you see how its done. The authors stepbystep discussions of these techniques includes the basics of how to increase and decrease so newcomers to crochet can access the. To start, if you can yarn over, pull up a loop and single crochet, you can make a scarf, a baby blanket, an afghan or whatever your imagination leads you to. Dec, 20 broomstick lace started back in the 1800s where people actually used broomsticks to crochet this type of lace hence the name. Broomstick lace seems like a complex hybrid of knitting and crochet, but this is a friendly introduction with no shaping. Here are all our free patterns for full size blankets and afghans.

Broomstick lace crochet is easier than youd expect. How to crochet beautiful broomstick lace bluprint watch. Broomstick lace hat free crochet pattern cool creativities. It may help you to take a look at youtube and search for how to do broomstick lace. They make for great stash busters and are a great way to introduce young girls to wearing jewelry. Crochet pattern broomstick lace baby afghan pa180r by. Other patterns in the book include a triangle kerchief scarf, a baby hat and sweater, fingerless gloves, boot cuffs and more. Also known as broomstick crochet, peacock stitch, the peruvian stitch and jiffy lace. In our example, we create broomstick lace clusters of four loops each. And yet, when it came to exploring a few of the more traditional crochet techniques, such as broomstick, hairpin, and tunisian crochet, she resisted. Broomstick lace crochet is a technique to get super airy crochet designs by working around a much thicker hook.

The giant needle means this broomstick afghan works up quickly and easily. Crochet hook size k or size needed to obtain gauge. Were a membership for crochet lovers who are looking to build valuable skills. Learn how to crochet broomstick lace tutorial scarf. It is common for broomstick lace crochet patterns to use 46 loops per cluster. New in the crochet spot store, this decorative scarf is made using repetitive broomstick lace stitches that create a subtle striped pattern. Broomstick lace, also known as jiffy lace and peacock eye crochet, is a historic crochet technique from the 19th century which is done using a crochet hook and another long slender item such as a knitting needle. Broomstick, fingerless, scrap yarn, seamed, worked as one piece. How to crochet the broomstick lace stitch joy of motion. The end parts in the parenthesis are the final stitch counts for each row, they are not stitches to be made. I used 3 balls of patons canadiana, the new generation, but due to the nature of the pattern, you can use just about any yarn that you have on hand. Unusual knit and crochet patterns including hairpin lace, broomstick lace and tunisian crochet. Broomstick, or jiffy lace, is a crochet pattern that is made using a section of broomstick, dowel rod or large knitting needle.

A new look at a vintage stitch, with 20 stylish designs. Ch 1, sc on second ch from hook until the end of the row, lengthen last loop and place on the 18mm needle this is the first loop of next row, turn note. Crochet stitches, crochet patterns, crochet projects crochet book green, lily on. Bernat 258 baby afghan pattern book winkin blinkin and nod, crochet, knitting, broomstick crochet baby throwblanketafghan patterns vintagepatternsdepot 5 out of 5. Broomstick lace crochet stitch stepbystep tutorial. Its about time you learn how to create some interest and texture in your crochet designs and this book. Crochet pattern broomstick lace baby afghan pa180rnook book. Visit my blog for this free pattern and video tutorial to crochet your very own, stunning broomstick lace infinity scarf. Special guest pam hoenig, craft editor from stackpole books, and donna show you all the finished projects you. If youre making a sampler afghan, this is a great opportunity to try your hand at broomstick lace. Im not going to lie, it is a bit cumbersome at first, trying to prop up an extra knitting needle to work around see pics below. Broomstick lace is a really fun stitch which works really fast and makes simply amazing texture. Broomstick lace crochet requires an additional tool to create the sweeping loops that are characteristic to this stitch. Broomstick lace afghan square by lisa hamblin, on crochet n more.

Free projects, giveaways, exclusive partner offers, and more straight to your inbox. This broomstick crochet afghan pattern is a bit different from your everyday broomstick lace. Doris chan is not just a crochet designershe is a selfdescribed fiberazza, tinkerer, and crochet advocate. Browse through all the current posts below or choose a category in the top navigation menu. Many of you have written to me to ask how you can help support crochetkim. Broomstick lace is beautiful stitch pattern that is made with crochet stitch but utilizes a large dowel or knitting needle to make an open lace. A patreon account was suggested but i thought it would be better to provide adfree pdfs of my patterns.

Crochet stitches, crochet patterns, crochet projects crochet book show more. However, the popcorns make for a bold and fun afghan that will be appreciated by everyone. At first glance, you might think the openwork would not be very warm, but the twisted loops of broomstick lace have little pockets of air in the center, which help trap warmth. Choose your favorite colors from neutral or bright and vibrant colors to match your style. If you look at the pattern diagram, youll see that in rows 4 and 8, you will end up with 4 sc 2 together you will have single crocheted 2 together 4 times in the row, 2 single crochets you make one sc at the beginning and one at the end, and 5 spaces that are made up of 5. Broomstick lace afghan square 7 broomstick lace baby blanket.

Broomstick lace infinity scarf free crochet pattern from speckless who also has a free pattern for a broomstick lace collar. After reading a bit about it, i realized it is super easy. Broomstick lace started back in the 1800s where people actually used broomsticks to crochet this type of lace hence the name. I incorporated popcorns into the design for a nice popping texture, but you can easily omit them if you like. However broomstick lace can be somewhat challenging having to hold the large knitting needle and make crochet stitches at the same time. Broomstick lace is worked from left to right so you need to single crochet back across the foundation row to get back to the left side and begin the pattern. The kramer lux crochet wrap is a great way to keep your shoulders warm on those chilling spring and fall evenings. If youre looking for something specific, you can also try the search bar. Move 5 loops from broomstick over to the crochet hook. This broomstick lace hat free crochet pattern offers a beautiful alternative to traditional crochet.

Learn how to do the broomstick lace stitch with the american crochet association. Just one skein of the stone soup dk would work up into this crocheted broomstick lace cowl by mon petit violon a free pattern. Broomstick lace crochet is a technique in which you take the basics of crochet and expand upon them by drawing some of the loops up into taller grouped stitches. Crochet bracelets are a fun and inexpensive way to accessorize your favorite outfits. You need yarn, a crochet hook and a large thick knitting needle size 19, 35, or 50. Dive into the beautiful world of broomstick lace with this free pattern. Broomstick lace stitch, solomon’s knot stitch, bullion stitch, star stitch. I am a visual person, so it always helps for me to really see it. Broomstick lace is worked by pulling loops through crochet stitches, adding them to the knitting needle, pulling the loops off into groups of 5, and securing them with 5 single crochet stitches. Here youll find out where to learn broomstick lace crochet and find broomstick lace patterns.

A new look at a vintage stitch with 20 stylish designs covers a type of lace crochet made using a huge needle broomstick and a crochet hookand this means that projects can be completed in hours rather than days. A crochet cowl is a great accessory for practicing the broomstick lace crochet technique since its a basic rectangular project that is relatively small in size. Rose broom doll free crochet pattern maggies crochet. Broomstick lace baby blanket photo tutorial simply. This technique gives you a chance to practice a skill set that you may not use often. Follow along with chetnanigans on facebook and instagram to keep up with their work and enjoy this free broomstick lace triangle shawl crochet pattern using their groove broomstick lace tool. Donna wolfe from naztazia has written a new book called broomstick lace crochet. In broomstick lace you basically have 2 types of rows. Leaving 9 end for gathering, starting at top, with w, ch 24, being careful not to twist chains sl st in first ch to form ring, ch 3 counts as dc now and throughout, dc in each ch around, join with sl st in 3rd ch of beg of ch3 join all dc rnds. Apr 03, 2014 start by reading over this simple how to broomstick lace baby blanket photo tutorial. Broomstick lace crochet patterns offer a beautiful alternative to traditional crochet. The only difference to the instructions is that you must make sure that. In this pattern, you crochet sets of 3 bls together. Its super speedy and makes for a super soft result.

Broomstick lace shawl noro magazine the purple poncho. Crochet pattern central free broomstick lace crochet. The body of the hat is worked in broomstick lace, which is also textured, but light. Broomstick lace stitch, solomons knot stitch, bullion stitch, star stitch. Here it is, my free crochet pattern for a broomstick lace wrap. The one about crocheting broomstick lace meetmeatmikes 25 aug 2012 via broomstick lace is a fast, loose, loopy way of crocheting, using one big broomstick needle and a crochet hook to manoeuvre the stitches.

May 02, 2019 free crochet pattern for a broomstick lace chunky crochet scarf pattern. See more ideas about broomstick lace, broomstick lace crochet and crochet patterns. Oct 26, 2009 this is a vintage crochet stitch that creates a nice lacy effect. Crochet bookmarks are a great easy gift or simple crochet project for yourself. Broomstick lace crochet is also known as jiffy lace and peacock eye, and crochets up rather quickly. Broomstick lace patterns to crochet stitch and unwind. Broomstick crochet afghan patterns free crochet patterns. Nowadays it is more common to use a large knitting needle instead to create the large loops which make up the distinctive broomstick pattern. Broomstick lace crochet patterns crochet pattern bonanza. Broomstick crochet afghan pattern with popcorns free. Mar 16, 2017 broomstick lace crochet patterns, broomstick lace tutorials and beautiful inspiring photos of broomstick crochet. Crochet faux and fake broomstick lace crochet from stitchorama collection i love the look of broomstick lace crochet. While now crafters often use large knitting needles, like our size 50 speed stix, the craft began by utilizing the long, narrow top of the broomstick, along with a crochet hook.

Broomstick lace popcorn afghan this is an easy broomstick lace crochet pattern for an afghan you can use any kind of yarn, as well as any hook and needle suitable mei nikirk tucson said. This crochet pattern is enhanced with buttons to add a special touch to the finished project. How to crochet broomstick lace lion brand notebook. Stitch diva studios modern knit and crochet patterns. Beginning of a dialog window, including tabbed navigation to register an account or sign in to an existing account.

Deputy editor adrienne teams up with crochet guru helen jordan to bring you a stepbystep guide to broomstick crochet. When i first saw broomstick lace, i assumed it must be very complicated. The granny square is the classic crochet motif, and it is often one of more. Azure skies cowl free crochet pattern using dkweight yarn. Broomstick lace ruffled baby blanket free crochet pattern. Now dont be afraid, this pattern is less complicated than it looks and all you really need is large knitting needles, a dowel, or even a broomstick to create this wonderful stitch. Or, to stick with broomstick, you might enjoy this popcorn broomstick afghan, which could easily be modified into a baby blanket as well. Apr 26, 2012 broomstick lace gets its name from the original tools used to create it back in the 1800s. It works up pretty quickly, and at least for this pattern you only need to know how to single crochet and half double crochet. Nowadays, its most common to use a us 50 knitting needle for medium bulky weight yarn or a us 19 knitting needle for light weight yarns. My name is kim guzman and this is where it all began. With a broomstick draw up a loop and add to the broomstick from all stitches from last row.

Broomstick crochet is a unique crochet technique worked with a crochet hook and a broomstick or giant knitting needle. This technique was originally worked using an actual broom handle. We have some terrific projects we know you will love like the crochet broomstick scarfe that is another free pattern that has been very popular. Approximately 1200 yds 1097 m in any fingering weight yarn. Done in broomstick lace, this shawl crochet pattern creates a truly elegant wrap for night or day. Broomstick lace crochet is the perfect book for you to practice and build your broomstick lace skills. Broomstick crochet baby blanket with ruffled edge material. Done in broomstick lace, this shawl crochet pattern creates a truly elegant wrap for night or day this triangle crochet shawl pattern includes a floral motif border. Single crochet into the second chain from the hook and each chain across for a total of 20 sc. Crochet advanced stitches book 2 broomstick lace stitch, solomons knot stitch, bullion stitch, star stitch.

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