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Kennedy assassination records collection act of 1992. Maybe john kennedys driver william greer shot him with an. Safe at least in the sense that we can know about it. Nov 12, 2016 a cold war spy and has claimed john f kennedy assassination was partly organised by a cuban double agent. The national archives has until 26 october 2017 to disclose remaining files related to kennedys assassination, unless president donald. His ballstriking, from mediumlength tees, made him a legitimate 4handicap at the. The goal of the legislation was to collect at the national archives and make publicly available all of the assassinationrelated records held by federal and state government agencies, private citizens and. Kennedys presidential limousine in the motorcade through dealey plaza in dallas on november 22, 1963, when the president was assassinated. Watch this video and see how our eyes can be deceived.

Zapruder film shows jfks driver firing fatal head shot. For years people have been fooled by low resolution, inferior copies of the zapruder film finding reflections or shadows that are much more clear in the better copies available of this historic film. Clint hill is a former united states secret service agent who was in the presidential motorcade during the assassination of john f. Nov 21, 20 five decades after the death of president john f. He acted alone, the only thing conspiracy theorists have to act on is the way his head moved. Unfortunately the evidence and countless recreations of the situation prove that jfk s head would move that way using the same gun and caliber ammo. The smoking gun discredits the grassy knoll idea as does cold case jfk, novas reexamination of the scientific evidence that debuts at 9 tonight on. Check the following clips and photos to see what actually happens. Snopes is the internets definitive resource for factchecking misinformation, debunking fake news, and researching urban legends. What the government is still hiding about the jfk assassination. Donald trump thinks ted cruzs father killed jfk, and in no way does that make him a crazy person donald trump will make insane conspiracy theories great again. Here is a link to the individual zapruder film frames of the jfk assassination. By clicking on continue you confirm that you are 18 years and over.

Today, we all know what happens when you fastforward picture search a videotape. Jfk s wife, jackie kennedy, seems to move quite normally. It was written by an anonymous, 80yearold american, according to the conservative website that first published it in 2016. Admit the fact but not the conclusion of what that fact helps conclude. I killed jfk confessional documentary airs for one night. Jfk is a 1991 american political thriller film directed by oliver stone. Trumps disconnect with dc widens during viral pandemic.

Here is the evidence the driver shoot jfk and the mainstream media is lying to us. Meaning he knew he was turning around, to what i think was take aim at kennedys head. No one claimed to see hickey discharge his weapon directly at the president. Disreputable web site posits a link between ted cruzs father and lee harvey oswald based on negligible evidence. Jfk assassination footage reveals the driver bill greer shot. Oct 27, 2017 president trump has sensationally released thousands of records relating to the jfk assassination but has controversially held material back following pressure from spy agencies. Files will shed light on a jfk shooting conspiracy but not the one. Dec 15, 2010 the driver shot jfk on 112263 20110627 16. As donald trump looks to release classified documents, last living link to assassination drops bombshell. Kennedys assassination in dallas, texas on november 22, 1963and the investigation and conspiracy.

That exit wound is corroborated by 40 witnesses and my recent work showing that jfk s rear skull gaped open at the moment of front right impact. Jul 04, 2015 the driver shot kennedy square in the right forehead with the bullet logically exiting the right rear. The talk of the town is trump okayed the release of jfk files. Most news footage was taken on film and processed just like a photo film. Snopes filed an antislapp motion against proper media, schoentrup, and richmond, and as expected, the snopes factcheckers prevailed. This video replaces the one that was censored, due to the complaint filed by proponents of the theory that bill greer, the driver of the limousine turned around and shot. This video replaces the one that was censored, due to the complaint filed by proponents of the theory that bill greer, the driver of the limousine turned around and shot president kennedy. What do you expect the jfk files to do since people that believe jfk conspiracies will still believe them even when supposedly the whole files will be out. Donald trump has said that a photograph published by the national enquirer shows ted cruzs father with crazy lee. Will trump allow release of secret jfk assassination papers. The national archives are releasing tens of thousands of documents linked to kennedys assassination expect evidence of institutions.

Published on nov 14, 2008 visited 60 times, 1 visits today show more. Warning thread driver shot jfk might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. Part of the 8 hours of video was the unaltered video of the jfk assasination. Not long after the assassination of president john f. He clearly shoots jfk from the driver s seat and even without all my work, a good prosecutor could have convicted greer with just the zapruder film.

They broke the video down to show the limo had slowed to less than 11 mph at the time of the shooting. Nov 24, 20 it is an horrific image which captures the appalling moment us president john f kennedy was shot in the head in downtown dallas 50 years ago. Did ted cruzs father consort with lee harvey oswald. The only people who could make videotapes were television studios. To my understanding, congress specifically said it would be release 25 years ago. Kennedy, many still dont agree with the official record that lee harvey oswald was the lone gunman in his assassination president trump on. One theory that keeps coming up is that secret service agent william greer, the. Nov 16, 20 more than 50 years after jfk s assassination, an expert looks at the top conspiracy theories still out there. Thug shoots someone 5 times over a car, steals car, goes on facebook bragging about how cops arent going to do shit about it, us marshals get a federal warrant, he rams their cars, pulls a gun, gets shot and killedyet liberal morons in his home town defend him, riot and injure cops.

Jan 17, 2017 but i certainly didnt get the feeling that trump shoots in the 70s only because he doesnt putt the short ones. Whats new the latest fact checks and original reporting from snopes editorial team. Kennedy on november 22, 1963, and the subsequent murder of prime suspect lee harvey oswald by night club owner jack ruby. Hills testimony on this matter was dramatized in the oliver stone movie jfk 1991. Secret service agent george hickey is seen brandishing a rifle as the limousine carrying a wounded president kennedy, with agent clint hill on the back, speeds away from dealey plaza in dallas on nov. President kennedys alleged killer, lee harvey oswald, was himself shot and killed as cameras rolled just two days later. The driver had stoppedi dont know what was wrong with that driver. Mclaren makes a big deal of trusting witnesses, but more than 100 people there that day thought shots came from the book depository or the infamous grassy knoll. When dressmaker abraham zapruder brought his camera to see president john f. Antonio veciana, 88, has authored a memoir that promises to shed light on one. The disinfo tactic this nazi cunt is using is as follows. The driver was located to the frontleft of kennedy. The court held that the statements in question were true, were not defamatory, andor were published outside the oneyear statute of limitations, and therefore struck down the claims brought against snopes based. Kennedy was assassinated, you may have heard about a few conspiracy theories.

Kennedys limo slowed after the assassination shooting began. Notice the right rear missing in the autopsy pic and compare that to frame 3. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories wikipedia. A photograph purportedly taken during the jfk assassination is actually from a reenactment of that event staged for a 1977 television movie.

Jfk assassination film hoax the fastforward mistakes. Shooting holes in theory that a secret service agent. Secret service, best known as being the driver of president john f. It examines the events leading to the assassination of united states president john f. In it you can clearly see the driver shooting jfk and the passenger lean over to hold the wheel. Washington ap president donald trump boasted last fall that he would open all remaining john f. Trump boasted hed open all jfk files, but now says he cant. The diaries of douglas dewitt bazata, a decorated officer for the united states office of. What physics reveals about the jfk assassination history. What if the driver did shoot him, but that part got edited out to make it look like the driver was turning around to check on kennedy. We like to feel that the world is safe, errol morris tells me. Was ted cruzs father linked to the jfk assassination. False this rating indicates that the primary elements of a claim are demonstrably false. Case closed this is a political forum that is nonbiasednonpartisan and treats every persons position on topics equally.

Jan 22, 2016 an outoftown teacher who publicly railed against gun violence was shot in the shoulder by a masked gunman as she tried to save her 20yearold daughter from a pistolwhipping outside a hotel near. Now the jfk files have been released by trump, what. Apr 17, 2017 from the secret service agent whose gun went off accidentally to alien abduction, here are 12 experts favorite conspiracy theories about who killed jfk and why. Largely in response to the film, congress passed the jfk act, or president john f. While other shooters were present in dealey plaza and did shoot at the limo, the two bullets that hit jfk and the one bullet that hit connally in the back, all came from secret service limo driver william greers gun. The national archives, for the first time ever, released a list of documents related to the assassination that are still shielded. Kennedy in 1963, the a list of seemingly amazing coincidences between the two mens. He rose to fame as a reality tv star, and the one thing everyone.

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